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    462101 - Parent and Child

    6 - 36 months
    30-minute classes
    Designed to help children become comfortable in the aquatic environment. Parents will be introduced to basic skills such as entering/exiting pool safely, kicking and blowing bubbles. Skills will be taught to the parent who will work with the child at their own pace. Toys and songs will be incorporated into the learning process. Adult must participate in the water with child.

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    Read NoticePar/Chi- Mo- 10:00a10:00A- 10:30AM01/06/20- 03/16/20462101-11Waitlist$202Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePar/Chi -Th -10:00a10:00A- 10:30ATh01/09/20- 03/19/20462101-41Waitlist$225Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePar/Chi- Sa- 9:00a 9:00A- 9:30ASa01/11/20- 03/21/20462101-61Waitlist$225Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePar/Chi- Sa- 10:30a10:30A- 11:00ASa01/11/20- 03/21/20462101-62Waitlist$225Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePar/Chi- Sa- 11:00a11:00A- 11:30ASa01/11/20- 03/21/20462101-63Waitlist$225Item DetailsLocation Details

    462111 - Preschool 1

    3 - 5 years
    30-minute classes
    Participants work towards basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, submerging, floating, kicking and arm action and jumping all done with support.

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    Read NoticePre 1- Mo- 10:30a10:30A- 11:00AM01/06/20- 03/16/20462111-11Waitlist$256Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePre 1- Tu- 3:30p 3:30P- 4:00PTu01/07/20- 03/17/20462111-22Waitlist$285Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePre 1- Th- 10:30a10:30A- 11:00ATh01/09/20- 03/19/20462111-43Waitlist$285Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePre 1- Fr- 2:30p 2:30P- 3:00PF01/10/20- 03/20/20462111-51Waitlist$285Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePre 1- Sa- 9:30a 9:30A- 10:00ASa01/11/20- 03/21/20462111-61Full$285Item DetailsLocation Details
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