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    513100 - Carousel Preschool 2019-20

    Concord Carousel Preschool has provided a half day preschool experience to children of Concord and the surrounding towns for the past 30+ years. We offer a small, creative learning environment for children ages 2 years 9 months – 5 years. Concord Carousel operates 2, 3, and 4 day programs (based on age) from 9:15 to Noon. Optional extended days, "Stay and Play" and "Lunch Bunch" are offered for an extra fee. Carousel also offers “Stay and Swim” (with swim lessons at the Beede Center) – based on the interests of our families.

    Concord Carousel aims to create a safe, nurturing and quality preschool experience for our children and their families. Our classrooms are rich in materials and activity areas that support hands-on constructive explorations, Our activities promote children’s, confidence, sense of wonder and natural passion for learning. There are opportunities to explore music, movement, science and nature. There are also opportunities for playing/working alone and in a group with other children and/or teachers. We also take numerous field trips to extend our learning beyond the classroom walls. Past trips have included walking trips to the bakery, post office and fire station, as well more distant locations like the Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Museum, Ecotarium and Theatreworks productions.

    The strength of our program lies in our highly qualified Early Childhood Professionals. Each classroom is staff by two teachers who have specialized training in Early Childhood and experience working with you ng children.

    Note: Fees include $30 registration fee ($75 beginning on May 1) Families who qualify for financial assistance should contact Susan EllerKamp at 978.287.1050 prior to registering.

    Please contact Anita Stevanazzi-Hill at 978.318.3045 or with questions or to arrange a visit to the program.

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    Add to CartCarousel Prsch 19-20 9:15A - 12:00PM, W, F09/09/19 - 06/12/20513100-2DAvailable$427Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartCarousel Prsch 19-20 9:15A - 12:00PM, W, F09/06/19 - 06/12/20513100-3DAvailable$555Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartCarousel Prsch 19-20 9:15A - 12:00PM, W-F09/06/19 - 06/12/20513100-4DAvailable$700Item DetailsLocation Details

    540001 - Vacation Week/Day Programs

    April Vacation Camp is from 8:00am to 6:00pm at Hunt Recreation Center (Participants must bring lunch unless noted) $65 per day per person. Registration open to general public. First come, first serve basis. This program has NO AFFILIATION with Concord Recreation’s Before or Afterschool Program. Please inform Concord Recreation of any medical issues or allergies.

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    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Tues 8:00A - 6:00PTu04/16/19 - 04/16/19540001-A1Unavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Wed 8:00A - 6:00PW04/17/19 - 04/17/19540001-A2Unavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Thur 8:00A - 6:00PTh04/18/19 - 04/18/19540001-A3Unavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Fri 8:00A - 6:00PF04/19/19 - 04/19/19540001-A4Unavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartFebruary Vaca-Tues 8:00A - 6:00PTu02/19/19 - 02/19/19540001-F1Available$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartFebruary Vaca-Wed 8:00A - 6:00PW02/20/19 - 02/20/19540001-F2Available$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartFebruary Vaca-Thur 8:00A - 6:00PTh02/21/19 - 02/21/19540001-F3Available$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartFebruary Vaca-Friday 8:00A - 6:00PF02/22/19 - 02/22/19540001-F4Available$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePro. Day April 8:00A - 6:00PTu04/02/19 - 04/02/19540001-PSUnavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
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