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    540001 - Vacation Week/Day Programs

    April Vacation Camp is from 8:00am to 6:00pm at Hunt Recreation Center (Participants must bring lunch unless noted) $65 per day per person. Registration open to general public. First come, first serve basis. This program has NO AFFILIATION with Concord Recreation’s Before or Afterschool Program. Please inform Concord Recreation of any medical issues or allergies.

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    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Tues 8:00A- 6:00PTu04/16/19- 04/16/19540001-A1Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Wed 8:00A- 6:00PW04/17/19- 04/17/19540001-A2Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Thur 8:00A- 6:00PTh04/18/19- 04/18/19540001-A3Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeApril Vacation-Fri 8:00A- 6:00PF04/19/19- 04/19/19540001-A4Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeFebruary Vaca-Tues 8:00A- 6:00PTu02/19/19- 02/19/19540001-F1Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeFebruary Vaca-Wed 8:00A- 6:00PW02/20/19- 02/20/19540001-F2Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeFebruary Vaca-Thur 8:00A- 6:00PTh02/21/19- 02/21/19540001-F3Full$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticeFebruary Vaca-Friday 8:00A- 6:00PF02/22/19- 02/22/19540001-F4Unavailable$65Item DetailsLocation Details
    Read NoticePro. Day April 8:00A- 6:00PTu04/02/19- 04/02/19540001-PSFull$65Item DetailsLocation Details
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