Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an online account?

Go to and click on the Registration link. Click on Create an Account and complete the form. Click Finish. Youíll be taken to the Family Member Screen to verify information and add additional family members Click Done. Please note: if you have done any programs through the Recreation Department, then you probably already have an account set up. Contact us for your ID and password.

How do I register for a class online?

Log-in and click on an Activity button or search by type, sub-type or location. Add the classes to your cart and choose the family member to register. Click Checkout.

Do I need an online account to register?

You may continue to register in person, mail-in, phone in, and Fax as well as online. Please note that certain programs have limited registration options.

How do I retrieve my user id and password?

Go to the Forgotten Password page and enter your email address

Is my online credit card account information secure?

The online registration system has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that guarantees your data is secure in transit to a specially qualified PCI compliant third party processor. The Town of Concord does not store any credit card information.

What is the refund policy for programs and activities?


A credit will be issued under the program participantís name if the Facility must cancel a class due to the following: 1) Thunder/Lightning, 2) Mechanical issues, or 3) Fire evacuation. Credits or makeups are not issued for circumstances which are beyond the control of the Beede Center including: 1) Missed classes due to illness or vacation or if you should choose not to attend, 2) Snow/Blizzard, Tornado, Hurricane, 3) Power outages, or 4) No water supply.


A $25 cancellation fee is charged for registrations that have been processed. Exceptions are with a doctorís note and the date of injury only, and must be submitted to the fitness director during the session in which you can no longer participate. Refunds are not given for unforeseen class cancelations due to occurrences such as weather, power outage or government elections.

What is the refund policy for Beede Center Membership?

We require 30 days written notice of intent to cancel as well as a $25 cancellation fee in order to cancel your membership at time of invoice. For any other cancellation circumstances, please refer to back of membership agreement for Consumerís Right to Cancellation.

Can I rent the Beede Center for Birthday Parties?

Birthday party rentals are only available at the Hunt Recreation Center, 90 Stow Street. For rental information please contact the Hunt Recreation Center at 978-287-1050.

Why are the pools at the Beede Center closed during a Thunder Storm?

Patron safety is the first priority and based national research and recommendations, all aquatic activity will cease during any nearby electrical disturbance. Thunder and lightning do not exist independently. Swimming pools and their attendant structures are connected to a vast conductive network consisting of underground water pipes, gas lines, telephone and electric cables that extend far beyond the boundaries of a building. Electrical energy from a lightning strike in one location can be transmitted to any other position on this metallic network.

How do I find out if the Beede Center has been closed for inclement weather during the winter season?

Delayed openings and closings due to inclement weather are posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Sign-up for the townís Subscribe to News at to receive email updates about Concord Recreation Closings, Swim Meets and Program Registration.

Can I freeze my membership at the Beede Center?

Please contact Member Services 978-287-1012 or to find out if your circumstance qualifies for a freeze of membership.

How do I find out what lanes or pools will be open at a certain times?

Refer to the member schedule posted on the website. Member schedule flyers are located in the lobby of the Beede Center.

How do I find more detail information for a certain program offering?

If you wish to receive more detailed information about any Beede Center Aquatic programming please contact the Beede Center at 978-287-1000. To find out about Land Fitness classes call the Fitness Hotline at 978-287-1007. For information on general recreation programs contact the Hunt Recreation Center at 978-287-1050.

If I join the Beede Center can I bring a guest and how many can I bring per visit?

Members are allowed guests at a fee of $10.00 per quest. Only 4 guests per visit are allowed, unless special permission has been granted by the management. There must be one adult for every four children.

How do I get to work with a personal trainer?

Call the personal training office 978-287-1015.

Why do I need to carry in clean shoes?

The Beede Center works hard to keep fitness equipment in good working condition and floors clean for your workouts. Dirt tracked in on street shoes is harmful to the fitness equipment causing undue stress, wear and tear to the equipment and the floors.

Transactions processed online will appear as CRD-BEEDE-HUNT 8003735613 on your credit card statement.
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